Frequently Asked Questions

How often are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid once a month. They are a flat rate depending on the level of service ordered: * Basic - $50 * Professional - $100 * Pro Plus - $150 Eligible payouts are paid on the following month for those new accounts that have been on the books for 61 days or longer. For example, your new affiliate referral joins Artspan on January 7. If they remain on the books as a paid customer for 61 days until March 7, your affiliate commission will be paid with March payouts. Our preferred method to pay affiliates is through their PayPal account. If you wish to have a check mailed to you instead, please let us know and we will make appropriate accomodations.
Who can become an Artspan affiliate?
Artspan seeks affiliates who have existing relationships with artists, photographers, and creative artisans.
How do I join the Artspan Affiliate program?
Please provide the required information on our affiliate sign up page on this link.
How Can I Promote Artspan Affiliate Links?
Typically, most people think of websites with respect to affiliate marketing, but there are several other ways to promote your affiliate links. These include: A website or blog. An email list or newsletter. Social media, like Facebook or Twitter. Post on blogs (in the comments section) or forums. Write an e-book or other digital product. YouTube videos. Sometimes affiliate marketers use only one of these methods, however, your greatest success comes from using multiple ways to reach and influence your audience. Ideally, you want to create income from multiple streams.
Will I earn recurring commissions for subscription-based purchases?
Commissions are paid on a flat-rate basis. Artspan seeks to keep its rates among the most affordable options for artists. As such, we have found it to be more lucrative to pay a generous upfront flat-rate commission as opposed to small monthly payouts that are subject to cancellations.
As an affiliate, how do I promote Artspan?
You can promote Artspan on different platforms – blogs and websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails, podcasts, and more. As an Artspan Affiliate, you get customized shareable links and a variety of effective marketing tools. Just place them anywhere online and refer traffic to any Artspan page that best suits your audience. Artspan buyers who click on your links and register will automatically be assigned to your account.
Do I need to reach a minimum amount before I get paid?
Once your account reaches $100 you will be able to claim a payment. If you haven’t reached $100, your earnings will still stay in your balance.
I earned a commission, why haven't I been paid?
Each month, we pay affiliates who have reached our minimum $100.00 account balance. If your account balance hasn't met the payout guideline of $100.00, it will carry over from month-to-month until it does. The first month it hits the $100.00 balance mark, you will be paid.
How do you track sales and affiliate commissions?
Our customer tracking duration is 90 days. If a new Artspan member joins within 90 days after clicking on your affiliate link you will receive the credit for the sale. We use a combination of IP logs and Cookies to track your affiliate referrals? Credit goes to the last affiliate to send a visitor to join Artspan.